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Best Places to Hang Wallpaper (and never get bored of it!)

 Beautiful Home Wallpaper at Forest Homes

Photo: Aina Forest Mural, available here at Forest Homes


Wallpaper doesn't have to look dated in a home. Beautiful and sophisticated patterns and colours exist today, giving homeowners almost unlimited choices for wallpapers and murals. Finding the perfect wallpaper for your home is possible with only a little time and effort. However, choosing where to place wallpaper is the key to making it look best.

Discover seven beautiful places that will infuse light and life to your spaces and ideas on how to place your wallpaper in ways that you'll never get bored of!

1. Living Room & Dining Room

A brightly lit room is often more inviting than a living space shrouded in shadows and dark colours. While you might not be an interior decorator, you can certainly do something to brighten your home's appearance. Brighten your living room with a beautiful floral or tropical inspired wallpaper. We recommend though, that if you will cover a full wall, the decor and furniture should stay as simple as possible. Plus, if your dining room is too small and starting to feel cramped, you can make the area appear larger and feel more comfortable without adding square footage. Use beautiful wallpaper as a way to make your tiny dining room look chic.

Living room and dining room tropical wallpaper - Forest Homes

Photo: Roraima Mural, here at Forest Homes

2. Formal Spaces

 If you have wainscoting in your rooms, such as in your formal living or dining room, subtly patterned wallpaper in a neutral colour will look fabulous on the upper portion of the wall above the wainscoting. If you don't want to paper the entire room, just select one section or wall to create a focal point.

Formal Spaces to hang your wallpaper - Forest Homes

Photo: Infinite Flower Mural Wallpaper, here at Forest Homes


3. Bathrooms

A powder room is also an excellent place for wallpaper. A small, half-bathroom doesn't include enough space for many decorator options, so wallpaper is the perfect way to dress up the room. Choose a simple pattern and colour so you don't feel claustrophobic when you're in the bathroom.

Pink Pasture Mural at Forest Homes  

Photo: Pink Pasture Wallpaper, here at Forest Homes


4. Utility Areas 

The laundry room is another small space that can benefit from wallpaper. A utility area often doesn't have much flair, so wallpaper can brighten the room and make it a more pleasant space. Choose a bold colour to stimulate the senses or try a pastel colour for a soothing look and feel.

Utility room with pastel beautiful wallpaper

Photo: String of Pearls Mural Wallpaper


5. Lounges or Studios 

Colour plays an important role in how the mind perceives the environment around you. Nature inspired wallpapers can do everything from bringing on a sense of calm to improving your confidence. When decorating these rooms, you need to consider nature inspired wallpaper. Incredible scenery pictures are the perfect background for these rooms and can be considered as a window to the outside world from inside of your home. Moreover, nature – inspired wall mural is a decorative element that inspires warmth and relaxation.

ocean wallpaper

Photo: Ocean Wallpaper, here at Forest Homes


6. Kitchens

For a kitchen with a breakfast nook, place wallpaper in the nook area to help separate it from the central part of the kitchen. Wallpaper will add a sophisticated touch to your space without overwhelming the rest of your décor.

kitchen wallpaper

 Photo: Musa Paradis Mural, here at Forest Homes


7. Bedrooms

Try wallpaper in your master bedroom. You could beautifully hang nature inspired wallpaper to enhance feelings of relaxation and wellbeing in this room. You could also, instead of wallpapering an entire wall, just hang the paper behind your headboard or substitute it for a headboard. Hang it from the floor to the ceiling for a grand look. Opt for textured wallpaper for a truly luxurious feeling and appearance.

kids bedroom wallpaper

Photo: Enchanted Jungle Wallpaper, here at Forest Homes


Final thoughts

Wallpaper can add interest to many places in your home.  Select a few areas to best highlight your style. Choosing subtle patterns that match your décor will give your rooms a fabulous look that you'll enjoy for years to come.

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