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DIY Moss Wall Set (Set of 2 Moss Panels)

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DIY Moss wall kit with flexible cork backing.

These beautiful reindeer moss panels are built from a 100% real, preserved moss. Add an amazing touch of nature to your walls by combining our moss flex art pieces together. 

What can you do with these moss panels?

These flex moss and cork panels are incredibly easy to assembly. They come with velcro tape / our mounting adhesive on the back to offer you an unlimited number of set up options and the possibility to quickly place the panels as you desire.

You can even apply these panels on slightly rounded surfaces. You can also cut them according to your preferences, which also increases your design options. 

About this DIY moss wall kit:

  • 100% natural: 100% real, preserved moss flex panels.
  • Evergreen: permanent preservation technology allows this living wall system to last many years.
  • Technology: 0% care: neither maintenance nor lighting necessary for this preserved moss and plant wall. No need to water.
  • Sound insulation certified: according to DIN ISO 354 (sound absorption of up to 50%)
  • Flame retardant

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Reindeer moss - Flex cork

This green reindeer moss flex panel is made of genuine reindeer moss and natural cork. All of our plants and mosses are genuine and 100% naturally preserved. That is why they are intended for interior use only. As it is a natural product, even the same colour moss can have slightly different shades.

Our moss frames are 100% real and durably preserved in a special process. Though these plants don't require light or water, they retain their vividly green appearance and a fresh, soft feel.


  • Two sizes available:
    • 2 panels of 100x60 cm
    • 2 panels of 75x55 cm 
  • Velcro tape for self-assembly.
  • Greenery type: 100% natural moss from the arctic forests.



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Design your fantastic indoor wall according to your requirements in less than two minutes. Go to our Design Your Indoor Plant Wall Form to build your preferred Moss and Plant Walls. Because a beautiful indoor, real plant wall is no longer a dream at Forest Homes.

Discover more about the process of creating our Plant and Moss Wall Art here.

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  • How many moss panels would it require to fill my tv and speaker wall please it is 5000mm wide and 2700mm high and how much would it cost?

    Dear Karen,

    Thanks for your question.

    Your wall is 13,5 square meters. These means you will need 14 sets of the panels that come by 4 panels of 60x40cm, or 11 sets of panels that come by 2 panels of 100x60 cm. This first option will cover the wall on 99,55% and the second option 97,77%. This option is for panels with a cork backing.

    Also we could have a look at a thrid option with MDF backing. The thickness of the material will be as follows: 12mm MDF, 1-3mm glue, 15mm+ greenery. The wall would be configured to fit all of your wall.

    From these three options, the most affordable is the second option, with a price around €5929. The first option is the second most affordable, being about €6160. The third option is about €8829. We would need to include shipping, and also depending in your location we could offer you local installation help. In every case, installation videos and support are provided.

    These panels are built with nordic reindeer moss or lichen. While the other moss types are only available in their natural green shades, you can choose between eight different colours of reindeer moss. Additionally, our reindeer moss is especially suitable for complex designs.
    Reindeer moss walls combine many positive properties and are therefore the most versatile: their sound insulation is highest, being 50% of the noise absorbed. This property makes reindeer moss walls ideal for rooms with high noise levels. Additionally, reindeer moss regulates humidity and is therefore also suitable for rooms with higher humidity like wellness or spa areas. Like all of our plant walls, our reindeer moss panels are 100% natural and do not need any maintenance like light or water at the same time.  The broad colour spectrum of the reindeer moss ranges from fresh yellow to intense purple and bright blue and is particularly impressive on large surfaces, whether in the bedroom, dining area or conference room. Depending on the choice of colour, this innovative vertical greening can transform a wall into a piece of calming Icelandic nature as well as a lively, colourful, modern art object.

  • How many panel 8x8 wall

    Dear Lisette,
    Thanks for your question.
    You will need 48 Sets of (2 panels 100x60 cm) and 7 sets of (4 panels 60x40 cm).
    The assembly is easily achieved in place, and our preserved reindeer moss panels will stay stunning for years (15+ years) without any maintenance, due to its natural preservation process.
    This alpine moss has humidity, sound and VOCs absorbtion properties. 
    Our products are 100% organic, handcrafted and made in the EU.
    We hope to help you further with your project with alpine moss. 
    Feel free to ask any additional question, we're happy to help!



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