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World Map Nordic Moss Wall Art

World Map Nordic Moss Wall Art

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  • Delivered in 7-15 days in Europe, 10-18 days worldwide
  • Made of 100% natural nordic moss and flex felt
  • Spaces that incorporate plants and flowers see a boost in wellbeing, creativity and productivity.
  • Created in Munich, Germany

This item boosts wellbeing and creativity by bringing in natural plants, textures, calming shapes, and fresh colors, as well as reducing noise.

These moss panels enhance not only the visual appeal of a space but also the auditory ambience. Natural preserved mosses provide undeniable sound-reducing qualities that have gone through certified laboratories.

Visual appeal: The way your interior looks has a direct effect on your emotions and perceptions. Being made of 100% moss, a natural occurring element, this wall art has aesthetically pleasing stimuli, encouraging processes of exploration and sense making for sight, which attract and hold a person’s attention effortlessly. On the other hand, this invites human touch. This invitation for further exploration motivates learning and successive sensorial engagement.

Natural sound absorption: This collection of frames are designed with the power of natural sound absorption in mind. Ambient noise is cushioned within the natural moss material, thereby helping to reduce the overall sound in an interior. (A series of studies conducted in a laboratory setting display the mosses undeniable noise reduction capability. The tests were conducted in accordance to the ISO 11654:1997 standard - laboratory-based sound absorption coefficient measurements using 10m² for each moss).

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This plant piece is built of organically grown plants. The use of these sustainable materials produces far less waste than other types of products, such as plastic plants, resulting in less landfill waste, less energy consumption, and a lower overall impact on the environment. Its process of manufacturing reduces waste, namely, the formation of plastics, which are causing a global waste transfer emergency. Their production also prevents pollution by using components that don’t cause harm to the environment. This item is created in ethical manufacturing principles - supporting a good impact on communities, offering plant based, clean products, with traceable manufacture. The main objective of this item is to be a durable, environmentally certified product that promotes wellbeing in the interior space.

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Delivered in 7-15 days in Europe, 10-18 days worldwide.

Our plant designs are made to order. We do not offer returns but we do provide exchanges for applicable purchases. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Store credit or exchange can be provided if applicable.

Kindly note custom duties (if applicable) are not included.

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Our world map made of nordic moss gives your rooms an extremely natural and interesting flair. You can add a personal touch to your world map and mark your travel destinations or places of residence of your loved ones.

100% Made in Europe

Created in Germany, Belgium, and Portugal.

Highly experienced artisans in Germany, Belgium and Portugal, produce these plant and moss pieces. Each product is handcrafted from natural plants, making them unique and completely customisable to your requirements.

0% maintenance

Don't water or light, just enjoy!

A natural preservation process provides the plants long-lasting durability. This way, these green works of art remain beautiful for years with their natural look and feel. And the best part: our plants don't need water or light to stay fresh all year round.

Best of nature and design

Fresh plants for years with natural preservation.

These plant creations bring pure nature into the space for a lifetime. Our real plants, not only attract everyone's attention in an exceptional way, they create a pleasant atmosphere, radiate calmness and absorb sound or humidity.

Discover World Map Nordic Moss Wall Art

Can you have fresh plants in your interiors everyday? Yes, you can! While it might be hard to keep a fresh garden all year long, these gorgeous plants will make your spaces feel warm and welcoming everyday.

Made 100% from real plants and natural ingredients

This product is created with natural reindeer moss and flex felt. The felt backing contribute to its ability to reduce echo and volume. It's made of natural flex felt and provides a non-toxic, biodegradable, and flame retardant foundation for the moss.

These moss frames are 100% real and durably preserved in a special process. Though these plants don't require light or water, they retain their vividly green appearance and a fresh, soft feel.

All you need to know about
Plant Wall Art

Learn all the details about our plants and moss wall art - 100% real plants, 100% maintenance free


Thanks to its design and building materials, it caters calming, fresh, productive, and energizing interiors.


It allows to experience fresh plants that reminds us of growth and renewal. As the leaves are mostly green, which is the fastest color for our eyes to process, looking at them calms our brains and nervous systems. This product can help improve our focus and attention span just by looking at it. This makes it great for work-study environments and many other interior places.

Sense Stimulation

This product brings a natural visual appeal with plants, improved acoustic and air quality, and enhanced touch. Interior design affects emotions and perceptions. Made of 100% natural plants, this product's aesthetics encourage exploration and the sight sense, attracting and holding a person's attention easily. This also encourages the sense of touch, which promotes learning and more sensory engagement. This piece is meant to absorb sound naturally. Natural moss cushions sounds, reducing interior sound.


It provides cool and earth tones to your spaces.


The World Map Nordic Moss Wall Art puts you in contact with fractals present in nature, which can bring feelings of ease to our brains and can be actively relaxing to look at.

Climate issue addressed This plant wall art addresses climate change in its production by reducing waste, namely, the formation of plastics, which are causing a global waste transfer emergency; and preventing pollution by using components that don’t cause harm to the environment.

Sustainable materials It is built using natural reindeer moss and flex felt. The felt backing contribute to its ability to reduce echo and volume. It's made of natural flex felt and provides a non-toxic, biodegradable, and flame retardant foundation for the moss.

Ethical production This product ethical production supports a positive impact on communities, offering plant based, clean products, with traceable manufacture.

Best environmental practices Within its practices to support the environment, it works with durable design, which appearance, quality and function stand the test of time; and eco-certifications that verify its environmental and human health benefits.

Material 100% natural nordic moss and flex felt

Size Width: 230cm (90.55”), Height: 135cm (53.15”)

Includes Nordic moss design attached in flex felt. For its suspension, the back is completely self-adhesive and holds on most indoor surfaces


- 100% Natural: 100% Real plants.
- 0% Maintenance: Neither watering nor lighting necessary to keep these plants fresh.
- Evergreen: Permanent preservation technology allows these plants to last many years.

Packaging Cardboard box (FSC Certified)

- Please avoid exposing these plant products to continuous, intense direct sunlight or light radiation.
- Plants should not come into direct contact with water or be sprayed because the natural preserving materials can be dissolved.
- Although these plants have antistatic properties, if dust accumulates on them over time, you can carefully clean your plants with a duster or dry cloth.
- When touched, the plants may transfer small amounts of color that are easily removed.
- Failure to follow the instructions may result in the products losing their colors too soon. If this occurs, we provide a color reviver to keep your plants looking fresh over time.

How is the World Map Nordic Moss Wall Art created?

Our wide range of plants are cultivated in certified farms -just like carrots or mushrooms- and preserved with a 100% natural patented technology. The result of this process is stunning plants that look and smell extremely fresh. Their extremely high quality manufacturing is what makes them standout from the others available. Artistic florists at Stylegreen, Germany, arrange the plants by hand to create green design objects. With great passion and attention to detail, each plant wall and picture is assured to be a true original.

We offer you standard wall art pieces in fixed sizes or in custom made sizes. In our standard sizes, you will find plant pictures, symbols, letters... And in our custom made pieces, you have the possibility of creating your own green walls, ceilings, shapes or business logos. The possibilities are simply endless.

Preserved Plants

Plant dreams do come true!

You can't take care of your plants? Not a problem! You can now have beautiful, natural plants inside your indoor spaces that will last for years without any care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This product is sent in a Cardboard box (FSC Certified)

It takes 7-15 days in Europe, 10-18 days worldwide to be delivered at your address. Design line pieces might take 4-6 weeks to produce and deliver.

This preserved natural nordic moss and flex felt wall decor is created and produced in Munich, Germany

Yes, we only use natural plants that have been organically preserved utilizing glycerin and food coloring in a specific procedure. As a result, the plants are durable and do not require any maintenance.

Preserved plants can be used in any interior - for example, in the living room, bedroom, or dining room, in offices and conference rooms, in public buildings, or at trade fairs - as long as the humidity does not exceed 70%. The preserved plants should not be used outdoors.

Since these are all natural plants and mosses, they also have their own natural smell, which fades over time. Our scent sprays also help get rid of smells more quickly.

In direct sunlight, plant colors can fade after 2 to 3 years. This is why, it should be avoided as much as possible if you wish to keep your plants much longer. Furthermore, do not hang the products near or above heat sources, as it's also harmful for the preservation process.

No matter where you are in the world, we deliver to you!

Once we receive your order, we start the production of your plant wall art, and you will receive them, no matter where you are in the world!

Delivery times for this product are 7-15 days in Europe, 10-18 days worldwide.

With our easy installation process, the plant life in your space will be beautifully renewed in no time.

Why you should choose this plant wall art

Improved wellbeing with biophilic design

With the use of this item, you can increase your direct and indirect contact with nature indoors. This is shown to bring a significantly positive impact to your wellbeing.

Conscious lifestyle with sustainable production

This product has been created in ethical and environmentally friendly standards. Also, because of its great quality and materials, it's a long lasting article that you could keep for a lifetime.

Innovation & design distinction

This object is a result of innovating with materials, manufacturing, function, or product design. This allows to truly differentiate the overall design outcome of your spaces.

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