Calm Creativity Mural Wallpaper
Calm Creativity Mural Wallpaper

Calm Creativity Mural Wallpaper

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  • Delivered in 1 week in Europe, 1-2 weeks worldwide

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  • Made of sustainably sourced paper and non-toxic inks
  • Helps you by creating calming, elegant and inspiring spaces
  • Created in Rosenheim, Germany

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Custom made to your wall measurements, or in standard size: Width: 200cm (78.7") Height: 250 cm (98.4")

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Once you've made your order, preview your custom mural design by e-mail and either approve if it fits your preference or let us know if you wish for any changes.

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After your approval, we start the production of your wallpaper, and you will receive it within 1-2 weeks, no matter where you are in the world!

4. Install and enjoy!

With our simple installation process, your walls will be beautifully transformed in no time, leaving you to marvel at them daily!

The earthy warm color combinations in this wallpaper have a calming but yet energizing and cheerful effect. This mural is great for relaxing and collaborative environments that feel calmed and also full of life. The view of this nature wallpaper can help you improve your positive mood, psychological wellbeing, meaningfulness and vitality.

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Our wallpapers are certified environmentally friendly in terms of both the materials used (paper and ink) and their manufacturing. Here at Forest Homes, we believe that using wallpaper has to be an environmentally friendly process. We not only help you improve your spaces in simple and effective ways, but also, to reduce your environmental impact.

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Delivered in 1 week in Europe, 1-2 weeks worldwide

This wallpaper ships worldwide, no matter where you are!
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Calm Creativity Mural Wallpaper

This textured golden brown mural exudes luxury and refinement. The interruptions in the pattern lend the motif a charming antique feel, making it ideal for exclusive home designers.

This wallpaper is available in a fixed size or it can be custom made to your wall measurements.


Keep your wallpaper looking beautiful over the years, thanks to its wipe-clean surface. Use a damp towel or sponge, and voilá!

Easy application

Even if this is your first time using wallpaper, you will achieve professional results thanks to its simple paste the wall application.

Clean removal

What if you want to switch things up? Feel free to take down your wallpaper whenever you like and leave no residue behind!

Safe for the environment

Made of non-woven PVC-free paper and water based inks, this wallpaper has a positive lifecycle from its creation to its biodegradability, which doesn't cause harm to the environment.

Light resistant

The beautiful shades on these designs won't fade when exposed to light.

Exquisite print and material quality

Delight your eyes when staring at these exceptional quality prints, and give your hands a real treat when feeling this award-winning matte finish paper.

The Calm Creativity Mural Wallpaper Design

Example interior with this wallpaper


Thanks to its design and building materials, it caters relaxing and elegant interiors.


It provides neutral and earth tones to your spaces.


The Calm Creativity Mural Wallpaper puts you in contact with tessellations, flow and symmetry patterns that bring ease and comfort the space


It allows to experience water attracts and fascinates us and we tend to respond positively to water's physical presence and sound

Sense Stimulation

This wallpaper brings nature views that can positively impact brain performance, help people recover faster from illness, perform better at work, and even reduce aggressive behavior in the indoor space.

This product addresses climate change in its production by preventing pollution with the use of certified environmentally safe materials, reducing waste with a made-to-order process, and helping reforestation with sustainable forestry.

It consciously uses sustainably sourced and safe paper (Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Oeko-Tex Standard 1000 and FSC® -certified), and non-toxic and completely odorless water-based inks (Greenguard Gold, Product Certified for Low Chemical Emissions UL.2828). This product is also Certified Ecologo, this means our murals are certified for reduced environmental impact.

The Calm Creativity Mural Wallpaper product ethical production supports traceable manufacture and clean labels, including FSC, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and 1000 for paper; and Greenguard Gold and ECOLO for inks.

Within its practices to support the environment, it works with durable design with best-in-class in its industry, and eco-certified building materials, including paper and inks

Material sustainably sourced paper and non-toxic inks

Size Custom made to your wall measurements, or in standard size: Width: 200cm (78.7") Height: 250 cm (98.4")

Includes Wallpaper in the chosen size. Custom mural includes wallpaper paste.


- High-quality wallpaper: Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
- Matte finish and soft textured surface: Excellent print definition and color vibrancy
- Durable: Resistant to damage.
- Simple to install and remove: Apply the wallpaper to the wall. Once removed, it leaves no residue on the wall.
- Wipe-clean surface: Keep your wallpaper in good condition over time.
- Lightfastness: Does not fade when exposed to light.
- Safe for the environment: Non-toxic inks and paper textiles are certified. PVC and phthalates are completely absent.
- Certifications and Awards: Greenguard Gold Inks, and ECOLO for low environmental impact, awarded the "Confidence in Textiles" OEKO TEX Standard 100 and 1000, as well as FSC certification for sustainable forestry.

Packaging Cardboard tube with rolled wallpaper panels

- This wallpaper is extremely simple to install and remove. Instead of applying paste to each panel and soaking your paper in water, which makes it heavy, messy, and difficult to work with, paste the wall simply applies adhesive to the wall and sticks the sheets of dry wallpaper on top.
- Easy to apply and remove. This wallpaper leaves no residue on the wall after it is removed. Ideal for rented spaces.
- Washable and Scrubbable: Can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth or sponge.
-Breathable technology: Mould and moisture cannot grow on wallpaper. (It should be noted that the wall must be free of mould or similar contaminants before applying the wallpaper.)

Hanging wallpaper can be a process done with care for the environment. Not only embellishing our spaces in simple and powerful ways, but now, guaranteeing less impact for the environment. This is why, our wallpapers are certified in both paper and ink qualities. 

Certified wallpaper inks The water-based latex inks used in our new digital print wallpapers are non-toxic and completely odourless. This not only guarantees pure room air only, is also the best practice for the environment. This is confirmed by the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification®, which the inks of our Eco-Murals are certified with. 

The Certification of our eco murals by Greenguard is Gold: Product Certified for Low Chemical Emissions UL.2828. It is also Certified Ecologo, this means our murals are certified for reduced environmental impact. View specific attributes evaluated: UL.2801

Certified wallpaper textiles Our new non-woven wallpapers have also been awarded the "Confidence in Textiles" certificate (textiles successfully tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Oeko-Tex Standard 1000) and are FSC® -certified, which guarantees sustainable forestry.


               Greenguard Textiles Vertrauen  FSC

How to install this mural?

We know you need outstanding results with the least effort. This is why we've made the installation of these murals a simplified process with a highly professional outcome.

Experience real peace of mind with our wallpaper and succeed at your decor projects.

How this wallpaper is created and delivered

This beautiful mural is designed and printed in Bavaria, Germany by the Komar family. Thanks to more than 55 years of experience with wallpapers, the manufacturing and quality of this product is undeniably outstanding. After choosing your wallpaper size and confirming your order, we begin the production of your mural wallpaper, and deliver to your address, wherever you are in the world, within 3-5 working days in Europe and 5-10 working days in the rest of the world. With an incredibly easy installation process, you will apply your wallpaper, and finally wonder at the results of your dream wall.

Discover more about
our wallpaper

All the details about these innovative, nature inspired and sustainable murals.

Frequently Asked Questions

This wallpaper is sent in a Cardboard tube with rolled wallpaper panels

It takes 1 week in Europe, 1-2 weeks worldwide to be delivered at your address.

This elegant tile wallpaper is created and produced in Rosenheim, Germany

No matter the wall requirements or where you are in the world, we deliver to you!

Feel free to order your wallpaper to your own measures, or order the fixed size (if available)

After your order confirmation, you will have a chance to preview your mural design by e-mail.

Once we receive your design confirmation, we start the production of your mural wallpaper, and you will receive it within 1-2 weeks, no matter where you are in the world!

With our easy installation process, your walls will be beautifully transformed in no time.

Why you should choose this wallpaper

Improved wellbeing with biophilic design

With the use of this item, you can increase your direct and indirect contact with nature indoors. This is shown to bring a significantly positive impact to your wellbeing.

Conscious lifestyle with sustainable production

This product has been created in ethical and environmentally friendly standards. Also, because of its great quality and materials, it's a long lasting article that you could keep for a lifetime.

Innovation & design distinction

This object is a result of innovating with materials, manufacturing, function, or product design. This allows to truly differentiate the overall design outcome of your spaces.

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